How An Attorney Will Defend You Against Charges Of Medical Fraud

The federal government cracks down on medical fraud from time to time. You might be accused of engaging in medical fraud as a way to increase your income. For example, you might be accused of fraud when billing a health insurance provider. If this is the case, you must retain a criminal defense attorney.

What to Expect When Accused of Medical Fraud

To be convicted of medical fraud, the prosecutor will need to prove that you knowingly submitted false information while conducting what appears to be a legitimate business. For example, you might be accused of billing a health insurance provider for a treatment that you never provided to a patient. 

Types of Medical Fraud

There are various laws that you might be charged with if there is a suspicion that you are engaged in medical fraud. You may be charged with criminal health care fraud if you were found to have knowingly executed a scheme to defraud a healthcare benefit program. Therefore, your criminal defense lawyer will need to prove that no such scheme existed or that you were not aware that the scheme existed.

If you attempt to receive kickbacks by exchanging something of value as a way to induce a referral of Medicare, you might be charged with violating the anti-kickback statute. If you and another individual participated in a healthcare fraud conspiracy with the goal of committing a crime, even if you are not successful, you might be charged with a crime.

Options Available When Charged with Fraud

Committing healthcare fraud can lead to serious criminal penalties. Therefore, you will need to make sure you consult with a criminal defense lawyer if you are being charged with this crime. An attorney may be able to have your charges dismissed, may be able to reach a plea deal, or may be able to reduce your charges.

There are several strategies a criminal defense lawyer can use to help you win your case. For example, your criminal defense lawyer can file a motion to have evidence suppressed. Your attorney will cross-examine witnesses and will make a closing statement.

If you are thinking of entering into a plea deal, you may be concerned about the impact that pleading guilty will have on your license. However, a criminal defense law attorney can help you avoid any actions taken by the licensing board. Regardless of the direction you'd like to go in your case, there are several options an attorney can make available to you.

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