Tripped Up While Traveling On Business

For some workers, traveling is just part of the job. You may even be one of those employees that spend as much time away from the office as in it. Sometimes, the worst happens and you get injured while you are away from home on company business. Do you have a workers' comp claim? In all likelihood, yes, but there is more to the story. Read on to learn more about work-related injuries while traveling on business.

Estate Moves That Kill A Will

While a will will probably always stand as the best-known of all estate-planning devices, it is far from the complete package. Wills are useful, and it's certain that everyone needs one, but you should know that you can address estate planning using several will alternatives. The estate planning methods explained below will always override any provisions set forth in a will, no matter when the will was written or what property was left behind.

3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Divorce

No one enters into a marriage with the intention of having the relationship end in divorce, but divorce is becoming more commonplace. Being able to recognize some important steps that you should take as you file for divorce will help you get through the proceedings without additional stress. Here are three tips that you can use to help you prepare for an upcoming divorce. 1. Open a post office box in your name.

Two Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Estate

There are a number of mistakes you can allow to happen when planning your estate, but a couple of them can create personal problems and unnecessary family squabbles over your property. Trust and immaturity, while maybe not evident in your loved ones prior to your passing, may balloon to the surface as soon as they close your casket. Trust and the maturity of your beneficiaries are two important things to discuss when you sit down with your estate attorney to write your final will and testament.

Answering Several Basic Questions About DUI Charges

Driving after having too much to drink can be a common mistake for individuals to make. When you make this mistake, you will put yourself at risk of being arrested for driving under the influence, which can be a serious charge to face. In order to help you better understand this legal risk, you should be mindful of the answers to some of the more basic questions about this type of criminal charge.