Adults Suing For Past Sexual Child Abuse

Childhood is one of the most vulnerable times in life, as children must depend on adults to take care of everything from personal needs to educational services. Children must also rely on authoritative figures when participating in activities such as summer camp and other recreational activities that involve spending time away from their parents. Unfortunately, sometimes authority figures take advantage of vulnerable children and force or manipulate them into performing sexual acts. Having to go through such an experience often has a lifelong impact on children, even into adulthood. If you have reached adulthood and are suffering from the long-term effects of being sexually abused as a child, find out below how a lawyer can assist with filing a lawsuit against your abuser.

Checking the Statute of Limitations

Although sexual abuse is an experience that can affect someone on a long-term basis, there might be laws in places as whether or not an abuser can be sued. Basically, the statute of limitations for such a crime depends on state laws, which is why a lawyer is helpful. A lawyer can actually help you figure out if you are within the statute of limitations in your state to sue your abuser. He or she will also assess the overall situation and let you know if pursuing a lawsuit is even worthy of your time. For example, if the nature of the crime will not likely lead to the other party serving much time or having to pay compensation, a lawyer will let you know.

Investigating Your Abuser

Other than details and evidence that you personally provide to your lawyer in regards to your abuse, he or she will also obtain even more information. For example, a lawyer can investigate the other party to find out if he or she has ever been accused of sexually abusing other children as well. If such information is able to be found, a lawyer might contact the other victims in an attempt to gather witnesses for your case. Although other victims may have not witnessed your abuse, their testimony about the abuser might be similar to your own claims.

Considering the Right Compensation

When compensation is being considered, a lawyer will assess the overall effect that your childhood abuse had on your life. For example, if you possibly will need counseling for the rest of your life, it can be considered. The other party can be held responsible for all of your expenses that are related to treating your trauma. He or she can also be mandated to pay extra money for your pain and suffering, along with other things that a lawyer will discuss. 

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