How to Respond to an Accident Caused By a Negligent Delivery Truck Driver

When a lot of Americans are spending their time at home, there is a greater risk of accidents that result from delivery truck crashes. Delivery truck drivers often need to make a lot of stops and may speed so that they can make their stops on time. However, delivery trucks are relatively large and can cause serious injuries if they collide with other motorists. If you are struck by a delivery truck driver, you'll need to speak with a truck accident injury attorney as soon as possible.

Many Delivery Truck Drivers are Under-trained

Through the use of contracting, companies avoid responsibility for failing to train their drivers and putting pressure on them to finish deliveries more quickly. In some cases, drivers have even been allowed to drive when they are under medical restrictions that prohibit them from driving.

If you see that a delivery truck driver is driving recklessly, make sure to contact 911. You can also file an FMCSA report of an unsafe driver. If you are injured in a wreck yourself, you should contact a truck accident injury attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you get started on your case, the less likely it will be that evidence will disappear, and your case will be stronger.

You are Entitled to Compensation for a Delivery Truck Accident

You are entitled to legal rights and you may also be entitled to compensation for your injuries and repairs to your vehicle. However, if you find yourself in an accident with a delivery truck driver, you will likely have a fight on your hands. 

In many cases, you will need to engage in a legal battle because the commercial insurance provider will do everything possible to minimize the settlement you will receive. Also, in cases involving delivery truck drivers, it can be difficult to determine who should be held liable. Ideally, you will want to sue the company because they will likely have more assets. 

However, you may be forced to seek compensation directly from the driver. If there were multiple vehicles involved in the crash, determining fault can be much more difficult. For example, the delivery truck might have crashed in part because it was defective. The manufacturer of the delivery truck or a truck repair company may be responsible for the defects. Fortunately, there are several commercial truck drivers who are experienced in fighting these types of cases and are ready to help.