Fighting A Repeat DUI Offense

Unfortunately, alcohol is the type of addiction that many people find difficult to overcome, even after undergoing treatment. Being under the influence of alcohol often leads to making decisions that are not wise, such as driving a vehicle home after spending time at a bar. It is not only illegal to drive while under the influence of alcohol, but it can play a role in causing accidents that injure innocent people. The risks involved with committing such an offense is why there are such strict laws in place against it that usually comes with strict penalties. If you have committed more than one DUI offense and now have to face major penalties, hiring a lawyer will give you the best chance of fighting them.

Avoiding an Unfair Plea Deal

Without help from a DUI lawyer, you would have to fight your offense on your own and risk the possibility of accepting an unfair plea deal. You don't have to accept any plea deal that is offered just because you are guilty of committing the offense. For example, you might be offered a deal of numerous more time in jail than deserved after admitting that you were driving under the influence o alcohol. A lawyer can review any deals that you are offered and let you know if they are worth taking or not. He or she can request that adjustments are made to the deal if it isn't fair and can possibly get a better deal even if the original one is fair.

Helping You Keep Your Driver's License

Committing a DUI offense comes with the risk of losing your driving privileges, especially when you have committed more than one. Losing your driver's license is one of the most drastic penalties, and it can interfere with your ability to easily get to and from work. Rather than losing your license altogether, a lawyer can possibly get a reduced penalty. For example, he or she can request that an ignition lock device is placed on your vehicle that will not allow you to start it up unless you pass a breathalyzer test. Basically, he or she will explain to the judge why you need to maintain your privilege of driving and how it will affect your life if the license is suspended.

Prevention of Long-Term Jail Time

Committing multiple offenses that are related to DUI can possibly lead to long-term jail time. A lawyer can prevent such a situation by fighting for a lesser sentence. For example, he or she can suggest that you spend a short amount of time in jail, serve probation, and pay a penalty.

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