Three Things A Father Can Do To Help An Attorney In A Custody Fight

If you are a father of a child and you are planning on a divorce, the chances are that you will want the best custody arrangement possible. Although it is true that the courts are reluctant to give a father full custody, unless the mother is obviously unfit, joint custody is a possibility. The following are a few things you can do to help your attorney get the best custody arrangement possible.

Make changes in your life to accommodate your child

If you want joint custody of your child, you need to take a look at your work schedule and what you are doing in your spare time. For a father, it is not enough to say you want to be a parent, you will need to demonstrate to the judge how you will be able to do this. For example, if you were away from home a lot during your marriage because of your job, will this change after the divorce? If your spouse was doing most of the parenting in your marriage, you will need to explain the changes you have made in your life, so you can begin to share in the parenting. An attorney can give you advice on how to document these changes for a family court judge.

Take a parenting class

This is especially important if you want joint custody of a toddler or in general, a young child. And if you have never had a child before, this takes on even greater significance. A toddler in diapers will need his or her diaper changed. Their diet is not the same as an adult. You will also need to show that your home will be safe for a child, and they will have a place to sleep and take a nap. These are only some of the questions that a judge will ask. If you have taken one or more classes in parenting and child care, a family court judge will feel more confident in awarding you joint custody.

Spend time with your children

From the time you decide to divorce until the time that you see a judge in family court, you need to spend time with your children. This takes on great significance if you are living apart from your spouse. If you are not willing to spend time with your child during this period, a judge will wonder if you are going spend the time needed if your are awarded joint custody. If your spouse will not allow you to spend time with your children, you need to document this to help your attorney. Emails are an excellent way to do this.

Once you decide to divorce, a father needs to take steps to demonstrate that he is serious about his role as a parent. A family attorney can give you additional information to help you get joint custody of your child. Contact a firm like Cragun Law Firm to learn more.