Thinking Of Hiring A Cut-Rate Criminal Attorney? Think Of The Cost Of Doing So

After you've been arrested and charged for a crime, and begin to look for a criminal attorney to represent you, you'll likely want to talk to a few experienced attorneys and determine what they charge per hour. If your financial situation isn't as strong as you'd like, you might immediately learn towards hiring someone who charges a fraction of what other attorneys charge. Doing so might save you money in the short term, but this approach could be immensely costly in the long run. Here are some reasons why.

A Conviction Could Cost You Your Job

While you might be able to continue working while your criminal case unfolds, there's a chance that you may lose your job upon being convicted. It's a reasonable assumption that an attorney who charges considerably less isn't as experienced or skilled as higher-rate attorneys, and this could mean that you'd be more apt to lose the case and get convicted. If you were to lose your job because the attorney wasn't able to successfully represent you, think of the cost — if you make $30,000 per year, you'll lose this much money over the next 12 months. This is likely much more than even a mid-range attorney might have cost you.

You May Get Hit With A Fine

No one wants to go to jail as a result of a criminal conviction, but being hit with a substantial fine can be just as problematic in some regards. A less-qualified attorney may not be able to represent you skillfully enough to prevent you from being fined as part of your sentencing, and having to pay a hefty fine could put you in considerable financial distress. In such a scenario, you'd likely rather have hired a higher-rate attorney who would've been more apt to keep a fine off the table.

Poor Legal Representation Can Cost You In Myriad Ways

When you have an attorney who is inexpensive, but not overly capable, there's a considerable financial cost of being in this situation. Beyond going to jail or being fined, you could lose your license if you were arrested for a driving-related infraction and found guilty. This could prompt you to have to take public transportation everywhere, which can be both costly and time consuming compared to the ease of driving. A conviction could also mean that you're required to attend anger management classes, addiction counseling, or other such programs — all at your own cost.

With the reasons above, it's easy to see why you should do your research when it comes to hiring a lawyer. For more information, contact your local criminal law attorney.