Answering Several Basic Questions About DUI Charges

Driving after having too much to drink can be a common mistake for individuals to make. When you make this mistake, you will put yourself at risk of being arrested for driving under the influence, which can be a serious charge to face. In order to help you better understand this legal risk, you should be mindful of the answers to some of the more basic questions about this type of criminal charge.

Can You Face A DUI Charge If You Were Below The Blood Alcohol Limit?

There is a common misconception that you can only be charged with a DUI if you are over the blood alcohol content. However, it must be noted that you may be arrested for this offense even if you are below the blood alcohol limit. This can occur when the officer claims that your driving ability was seriously compromised by the alcohol. In some states, this may be considered a lesser charge than a full DUI, but this can vary greatly from one state to another. To help you minimize the risk of being arrested for this offense, you should always be careful to allow for ample time after drinking alcoholic beverages so that the effects of the alcohol will fade.

What Can The Consequences Of A DUI Conviction Be?

Being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol can be a devastating experience. The penalty for this type of conviction can involve expensive fines, jail sentences, revocation of driving abilities, and drug addiction counseling. However, an experienced attorney may be able to help you protect yourself against the worst consequences of these convictions by building a case around the extenuating circumstances of your arrest as well as your history being an upstanding citizen. Fortunately, your attorney will be able to provide you with a more thorough understanding of your defense options after reviewing the specifics of your arrest.

How Long Will It Take For Your Case To Be Resolved?

Having a pending DUI trial can be a stressful experience. Not surprisingly, many people want to have these cases resolved as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it can be possible for these proceedings to be stretched out over several months or longer. However, your attorney may be able to help schedule hearings, depositions, and other proceedings at times that are as convenient as possible for you. This will help to minimize the disruptions that your life experiences as you defend yourself against this charge.

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