Three Reasons To Use A Patent Attorney For Your Invention

If you have developed a product that you would like to sell on the market or attempt to sell to a company, your first priority is to get a patent on your invention. You want to do this for several reasons, but, most importantly, you want to protect what belongs to you. Consider hiring an attorney, as they can offer valuable assistance during the patent process.

An attorney can help determine if your invention qualifies

Not every invention can be patented. Abstract ideas, formulas or simple computer programs cannot be patented. However, the issue of what can and cannot be patented can be complex. A simple computer program that performs a function cannot be patented, but software that is composed of many smaller computer programs and subroutines is protected from copying by the United States government. An attorney can help you navigate these subtle differences. In addition, your product may not qualify for a patent, but an attorney may see a way to make small changes so that it does qualify.

Attorneys can help with a patent search

Although there are websites that allow you to do your own patent search, the results are limited. There are several reasons for this, but one example is that the online tools that are available for a patent search are dependent upon the keywords used in the search. If you don't use all of the proper terminology, you may not find a patent that already exists. In order to make sure that your product doesn't already have a patent, you need to have a professional do a deep, methodical search for your invention. Without this, you may end up having your patent application denied. A patent attorney like those at the Lingbeck Law Office would have the most experience to do a robust patent search for your invention.

The application process will be done correctly

If you have never filed for a patent before, it can be a process fraught with subtle issues that can cause an application to be rejected by the patent office. A patent attorney can help you document your invention in such a way that there are few, if any, questions that the patent office will have about it. Even a provisional patent application should be given professional treatment, especially in the description portion of the application. An attorney knows from experience what the patent office expects to see on a provisional application.