2 Reasons To Hire A Workers' Compensation Attorney

Hiring a workers' compensation attorney is going to be one of the most important things that you can do if you are injured in the workplace. A workers' compensation attorney can assist you by helping you to strengthen your case and dispute a rejection.

Strengthen Your Case

One way in which an attorney can help you with a workers' compensation claim is to strengthen your case as much as possible. This can usually be accomplished by sending you to multiple doctors so that you can get multiple opinions as to the extent and severity of your injuries.

While many employers and insurance companies will insist that you see a doctor that they recommend, it is usually not a good idea to have that doctor providing the only diagnosis of your condition. The reason for this is that many insurance companies and employers will refer more cases to doctors who help them reject injury and disability claims, which means that the doctor has more incentive to downplay your injuries. However, if you have multiple impartial doctors that disagree with the diagnosis provided by the doctor recommended by your employer or insurance company, it will be much harder for your claim to be dismissed on medical grounds.

Dispute A Rejection

One of the biggest mistakes that many people who file for workers' compensation benefits make is believing that the rejection of their claim is final. In many cases, those people will simply go back to work while still in pain or recovering from an injury.

However, your attorney will be able to help you appeal any rejected workers' compensation claims. For example, a common reason for a disputed or rejected claim is that your employer claims that the accident never happened. In that situation, your attorney will attempt to get eyewitness accounts of the accident in order to have the rejection overturned.

Another common reason that a claim is rejected is your employer claiming that your injury or illness was a preexisting condition and was not caused by workplace conditions. In that case, a note or statement from your doctor stating that your condition is a result of your job or a workplace accident can also overturn the rejection.

Speak to a workers' compensation attorney (such as one from Parker & Frey) today if you have been injured in the workplace or had a workers' compensation claim denied in order to discuss the merits of your case. An attorney can help you dispute a rejected claim and strengthen your case to maximize your chances of getting the compensation that you deserve.