How To Create A Packet For Your Divorce Attorney

Are you about to go through the process of divorce? You can help your divorce attorney help you by putting together a packet for your first meeting with them. Your divorce attorney will need to know a lot of information if they are to properly advocate for you. The goal of your attorney will be to ensure that you are taken care of fairly and that you don't undergo significant hardship not only following but also during the process of divorce.

Determining Your Current Financial Status

While you're going through the process of divorce, one of the primary things on your mind may be how you're going to deal with your monthly bills. You'll need to know how much you need every month to survive; this will be especially important if you are trying to pursue alimony.

Your lawyer will also be able to advise you on how you should deal with your current monthly debt payments and your shared savings and checking accounts.

Some important information includes:

  • Monthly rent, mortgage and utility bills
  • Proof of your current income and your spouse's income
  • An outline of any existing childcare costs

Putting Together Your Assets and Debts

The process of divorce involves finding a fair separation of both assets and debts; in order to advise you, your divorce attorney needs to know about absolutely everything. Remember that debts do offset assets in a divorce, so you need to consider both factors when trying to figure out what you are owed.

Some important information includes:

  • Existing bank account and savings account information
  • Retirement accounts, including your spouse's
  • Credit card statements and personal loans
  • Mortgage and car loan documents
  • Stock portfolios and any other relevant assets

Taking Care of Your Children

Courts take into account how much time is spent with each parent already when they consider issues of custody. If you are a primary caregiver, it's more likely that you will get full custody -- even if your financial situation isn't as stable as your ex-partner's.

To show that you are taking care of the children, you need to be able to explain the role that you play in their lives on a daily basis. 

Some important information includes:

  • Existing medical documentation, especially if children have current medical issues.
  • Schedules regarding schooling, tutoring and any extracurricular activities.
  • Childcare schedules, outlining who is currently taking care of the children and when.

With the above information, you should be able to give your divorce attorney a more complete picture of your current living situation and your financial needs. Your divorce attorney can move forward from there, advising you on your best options. To learn more, contact a company like Hart Law Offices, PC with any questions you have.