How Can I Keep A DUI Charge Off My Record?

Getting charged with a driving-under-the-influence charge can be frustrating. You will need to be sure that you do everything that you can in order to fight against it. This is the type of charge that will stick to you for a long time and can prevent you from gaining employment, running for office and enjoying a normal life. You have the power in front of you to fight this charge, so you should put forth the best effort possible in order to move past it with your dignity and criminal record intact. Take full advantage of this resource, so that you're able to prevent this offense from sticking. 

#1: Retain A Criminal Defense Attorney That Focuses Solely On Driving Under The Influence Charges

By selecting an attorney who specializes in DUIs, you'll have the expertise and skills at your disposal to get a fair shake in court. The prosecutors will surely be looking to make an example out of you, so give yourself the best chance possible to move past this offense by retaining the best board-certified attorney you can afford. When you hire them, get solid facts about their win ratio, so you can get an idea of how they have helped people like you in the past. 

#2: Know The Many Defenses That You Can Use To Beat A DUI Offense

The first thing that many people assume when they fail a breathalyzer is that this is solid evidence and they are as good as guilty. This is simply not the case. In fact, there are plenty of defenses that you can apply in court, including the following:

  • Assert that blood alcohol content rose while being pulled over, but that it was below the limit while you were driving
  • Acids and other foods can cause an elevated blood alcohol content
  • The breathalyzer machine might have malfunctioned, so it should be inspected and calibrated
  • The officer didn't follow the correct procedure when arresting you

#3: Seek A Plea Agreement

The reality of the situation is that many cases are not even finished in court. Litigation is time consuming and expensive, so the prosecutor's office will likely offer you a lower charge as part of a plea agreement, as long as the evidence against you is not egregious. Work with a criminal defense attorney like The Law Office of Gregory J. Hermiller, LLC so that you have someone who can negotiate the deal on your behalf. 

Follow these three tips and fight this charge at all costs for the betterment of your future and to prevent having a criminal record.