Substantial, Continuous, And Unreasonable: When Nuisances Becomes Actionable

The law recognizes your rights to compensation from neighbors who inconvenience or annoy you. However, since some people are extremely sensitive and easily annoyed, there are checks and balances to ensure you only get compensated for serious interferences from your neighbors. In legal jargon, your neighbor's nuisances only become actionable if they are substantial, continuous, and unreasonable. Here is what the terms mean in everyday life: Substantial This refers to the degree of interference the nuisance is causing you.

Three Reasons To Use A Patent Attorney For Your Invention

If you have developed a product that you would like to sell on the market or attempt to sell to a company, your first priority is to get a patent on your invention. You want to do this for several reasons, but, most importantly, you want to protect what belongs to you. Consider hiring an attorney, as they can offer valuable assistance during the patent process. An attorney can help determine if your invention qualifies

FAQs About Using Mediation For Business Disputes

Conflicts with an employee, business partner, vendor, or customer can be costly to resolve if the court becomes involved. To save money, some business owners are turning to mediation before taking any other legal steps. If you are considering mediation to resolve a business-related dispute, here is what you need to know.   Why Choose Mediation?  Mediation is usually less expensive than going to court. Instead of paying for court filing fees, you can pay a mediator to help settle the dispute.

Is Your Landlord Responsible For Pest Control?

No one wants to live in a house infested with pests. Unfortunately, whether or not your landlord is responsible for pest control is not a question with a black-and-white answer. While an implied warranty of habitability is valid in every state except Arkansas, every case involving pest control and a landlord's responsibility is unique. The easiest way to determine your landlord's responsibilities regarding the matter is to review your lease for information regarding pest control.

Three Things You Don't Have To Do While The Police Are Searching Your Apartment

Just because the police are in your house, it doesn't mean you have to do everything they say. Just remember to be polite whenever you are declining any of the officers' requests. Being rude doesn't help, and may get you on the officer's bad side for nothing. That being said, here are three things you don't have to do when the police are searching your apartment: Answer Their Questions You don't have to answer any of the officers' questions after identifying yourself.