What Damages Can You Recover In A Lawsuit For Getting Attacked By Dogs?

When you think of personal injury claims, you probably don't think of bites from dogs. That said, canine attack victims may suffer minor or life-threatening wounds, depending on the dog's breed, the number of dogs involved, and the effectiveness of any intervention. So, if you can show that the dog owner's carelessness led to the attack, you should be able to collect damages. The following are some losses a lawyer who handles dog bite injury cases can help you obtain compensation for.

Injuries and Psychological Trauma

Injuries caused by pets can be extremely unpleasant and sometimes disabling. Further, recovering from injuries can be exhausting, as can the operations, medications, and physiotherapy needed to get you back to full health. Hence, if the canine attack causes a permanent deformity, you could get more compensation. It is also possible for physical suffering and invasive procedures to cause you emotional trauma. Further, the trauma of the bite incident alone can potentially trigger psychological symptoms. For example, sadness, depression, and irrational fear of animals are some of the possible outcomes of the attack. Some patients also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following the ordeal.

Hospital Bills and Expenses

The key expense associated with any form of injury is the cost of medical care. Note that canine attack injuries often require more extensive medical care than people anticipate. Given this, expenses like emergency medical services, ambulances, and hospitalization are part of what is recoverable. More importantly, a lawyer from a trusted personal injury law firm can help determine the likely cost of future medical care. Hence, hiring one following the attack is recommended. Remember, such expenses may arise if you need long-term care or several reconstructive surgeries. You can also sue for the cost of adjusting your home to accommodate any physical limitations. Further, your future medical expenses may also include the price of repairs and replacements for your medical equipment.

Inability to Make Money

The medical bills and lost time from work caused by a canine bite might add up quickly. In such a case, you can seek compensation for lost wages as you recover. Note that if you are self-employed and suffer a financial loss, you still have options for getting compensated. So, consult a competent lawyer to help you arrive at a fair valuation of your financial losses. Also, a dog attack could leave you permanently disabled. Hence, you can obtain payment for your lost income capability if you cannot return to work because of those injuries.

You can get compensated for these damages by choosing a competent personal injury lawyer to work with after a canine attack. An attorney with experience will help you pursue the case and get the settlement you deserve.

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