Potential Work-Related Injuries That You Could Face In A Museum

Working in a museum in any capacity can be a suitable career for those who appreciate an educational environment. Whether you're a tour guide, a maintenance worker, or are employed in some other capacity, you'll ideally find your work rewarding. A museum can often be a calm and quiet setting, but that doesn't mean that you're exempt from an injury — even if your work doesn't seem dangerous. While you might be able to work through a minor injury, a major injury isn't as easy to deal with. It could require time off work, which means lost wages, and your employer might not be too keen to admit liability. This is a time to hire a workers' compensation attorney to get the justice that you deserve. Here are three injuries that are possible in museums.

Back Injuries From Lifting

In a museum, you may find yourself lifting something heavy. For example, if you're helping to set up one of the exhibits, this work may involve transporting many heavy boxes from a storage area to the museum floor. If the museum doesn't provide you with proper tools for the rigors of this job, it's possible that you could sustain a back injury. Many back injuries can be serious, requiring not only a significant amount of missed time at work, but also a lot of pain and suffering.

Trip And Fall Injuries

Families and school groups frequently visiting museums, and while these organizations typically don't allow refreshments outside of the cafeteria area, people don't always follow these rules. Whenever refreshments are present, a spill can pose a risk to your safety. For example, if a student were to drop the contents of a juice box on the floor, you could slip on it and fall, leading to an injury. If the spill was present on the floor for long enough that the museum should have addressed it, your employer could be negligent.

Crush Injuries

It's possible to sustain an injury at your museum in which you have a part of your body crushed. Such an injury can take place in a number of ways. For example, if you work around the exhibits, it's possible that an improperly assembled exhibit could fall to the floor and trap you beneath it, causing serious injuries. If you're in the museum's warehouse, you aren't exempt from an injury. You could sustain a crush injury from something falling on you from a storage shelf, for example. A workers compensation law professional will listen to the details of your museum-related injury and indicate whether you have a strong case for compensation.