Resorting To A Lawsuit

Family vacations are supposed to be happy and restful occasions, and most are. When you consider how many things can go very wrong, and not funny things like you might find in a Chevy Chase movie, you can understand the need to file suit as soon as you get your suitcase unpacked. Resorts are filled with potential pitfalls, and the pool and pool area represents just a few of those spots. Unfortunately, many people are completely unaware of the dangers that lurk in these relaxing and fun places. Read on to learn more about an especially dangerous resort pool hazard, chlorine.

A Very Toxic Substance

You probably couldn't even enjoy a resort pool without chlorine; it's amazingly effective at killing bacteria that could cause sickness and disease in areas frequented by the public. It keeps the water clear and inviting-looking. All pools, no matter where you encounter them, will have some level of chlorine in the water. The problem with resort pools occurs when employees are improperly trained to maintain the proper level of chlorine in the pool.

The Dangers of Chlorine

This is not a chemical to take casually; it can do harm in even minute amounts if the victim is young or already compromised. Children don't always understand the need to keep pool water from their mouths and eyes, and even the correct amount of chlorine can cause irritation and stomach ailments when swallowed. For some, this causes only minor problems, but in others it could be deadly.

The Chlorine Cloud

Most people don't know about the way this toxic substance has a tendency to form a cloud over the pool and affect the entire pool area. Even those sitting near the pool can become seriously ill from inhaling this colorless, invisible gas. It does have an odor, but most people just naturally expect a pool to have an odor of chlorine and think nothing is amiss until it's too late. When you're dealing with a chemical that has been used to purposefully kill during a war, it pays to be cautious and to take action if you've been affected.

Taking Action

No matter how minor, you are entitled to compensation from the resort if you or a family member has been sickened by chlorine. For example, if your child suffered from gastrointestinal distress from the high level of chlorine in the resort pool, and you were unable to complete your vacation as planned, you are owed compensation for that time lost at the theme park or other attractions. You are also entitled to all medical expenses that resulted from the chlorine exposure. Speak to a personal injury attorney right away, such as Carl L. Britt, Jr., so that the pool maintenance records and employees of the resort are accessed and deposed to preserve the evidence and get the compensation you deserve from your ruined vacation.